Hi, I'm Nils

Product Developer. Freelance Software Consultant. Blogger.

I help companies develop sophisticated and maintainable software solutions. A major focus of mine are web technologies with languages such JavaScript, TypeScript and Java used with frameworks like Angular and Spring.

Essen, Germany


Learning & sharing - two great things combined allowing me to reflect on the way I work. I'll be writing about building products, web technologies from vanilla to frameworks like Angular or Spring and anything that fits in between.

I'm an author for Angular In Depth and part of the official Angular DEV Organization.


Public speaking allows me to engage directly with ambitious people from the community and grow both my knowledge and myself at the same time.

I like when concepts are conveyed visually and you're able to see benefits right away, that's why I often include interactivity and live coding.




Web application for creating beautiful flatlay and branding graphics



Open source library for implementing undo-redo in Angular apps on top of NgRx