Angular File Download with Progress

March 10, 2020

Downloading files is a common task for web applications. These files could be some PDF, ZIP or any other binary or text-based file that you want to make accessible to your users. Here's how you can download files in Angular either with a rather…

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Handling Observables with Structural Directives in Angular

February 05, 2020

Handling observables is a much discussed topic in Angular. There are multiple ways to get reactive values displayed in your template, but sometimes they all just feel a bit clunky. Let's explore which options are available, how they work and how we…

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Angular Material Pagination Datasource

December 19, 2019

In the course of this article we're developing a reactive datasource for the Angular Material library that'll be reusable for many different paginated endpoints allowing you to configure search and sorting inputs on a per-instance basis. The final…

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Angular Environment Setup - Safe & Testable

November 21, 2019

Most real-world Angular applications live in different environments throughout their development cycle. While differences generally should be kept to a minimum, your webapp is probably supposed to behave a little bit different on a developer's…

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What You Can Do with JavaScript Today

September 16, 2019

The famous scripting language has come a long way since it's introduction in 1995. While it might not be everyone's favourite, it seems to get more fans by the day, even ranking as the most popular language on StackOverflow . Originally intended to…

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Tracking Errors in Angular with Sentry

August 06, 2019

Do you know what's going on in your Angular app when it's live? While common to have logging set up on the server-side, it's often dismissed on the client-side. Yet, with more and more logic taking place in the user's browser nowadays we might want…

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Implementing Undo-Redo with NgRx or Redux

June 20, 2019

Having the ability to undo your actions has long moved from being an attractive product quality towards a must-be one. People just expect this type of fault tolerance from any reasonably complex tool. Yet, as often in software development, growing…

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Loading Indication in Angular

January 30, 2019

Its a common desire: having something rotate or fly around to entertain the user while the moderately performing backend fishes data from god knows where. Though it seems easy to borrow a spinner from CodePen and display it while you make the…

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Finding Harmony Between Refactoring and Implementation

January 07, 2019

I saw this inspiring music video and it gave me the idea for a little exercise. I often struggle between getting things done and finding the perfect abstraction . Some code is already written and now you need to add a certain functionality coming…


Everything Looks Better with an Image

December 22, 2018

Did you ever play around with the latest UI framework's components but nothing you came up with was quite satisfying? The specs gave you half the story for the use-case you're supposed to implement and money for a designer was already spent on…

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